#TechTuesday – PupPod

#TechTuesday – PupPod

Welcome to #TechTuesday. This week – PupPod, fun training games for your pooch!

Dog toys just keep getting more and more sophisticated and more of them (like this one) are focusing on keeping in touch with your pet whilst away at work. Many of us feel guilty about leaving our pets alone and the PupPod offers a way to stay in contact that is fun for dogs and their humans.

What is the PupPod?

The PupPod isn’t just one toy. It is designed to be like a platform with multiple levels and games to stimulate your dog’s mind. An easy way to think of it is as though it was an Xbox or Playstation for your dog, where you can add additional games to the unit. PupPod describe it as being an “investment that should keep you and your dog entertained and engaged for years.”

How does the PupPod work?

The challenges posed to your dog work on the Operant Conditioning method whereby they are rewarded with a treat for undertaking the desired behaviour. This means that the actions engaged by your dog revolve around a basis of doing a trick for a treat.

The PupPod has several components. This includes:

  • PupPod toy with motion sensor, accelerometer, internal speaker and built-in Wi-Fi to connect with the Hub.
  • The PupPod Hub with 720p HD video camera that sends a message to the treat dispenser to release a treat.
  • The PupPod Cloud is where the data from your dog’s games are uploaded to be viewed via the PupPod mobile app or web dashboard.

PupPod Kickstarter Pack with Treat Dispenser

Here is an overview of how the PupPod works:

  1. Dog plays with the PupPod toy and the accelerometer and motion sensor detect movement whilst the internal speaker can make sounds to get your dog’s attention. This information is sent to the PupPod Hub.
  2. When your dog takes the correct action (defined by the level they are on) the PupPod Toy sends a message to the Hub, which then sends a message to the treat dispenser to give your dog a treat.
  3. Videos of your pooch playing are captured through the PupPod Hub and along with the data are uploaded to the PupPod Cloud.
  4. Humans can then logon via the PupPod mobile application or web dashboard to view videos and statistics. They can also share photos/videos/stats about their dog in the online community.

Where can I buy the PupPod?

Right now the PupPod is only available via their Kickstarter crowdfunding page here where you can choose to back this dog toy in return for receiving one of your very own. Prices start at $199 USD at the special Kickstarter price.

Dog with PupPod


  • Interact with your dog whilst out of the home.
  • Great way to supplement their diet throughout the day with a snack.
  • Keeps them entertained and gives them mental stimulation, which could prevent destructive behaviour.
  • Design uses the Kong Wobbler toy, which has already been tried and tested to withstand abuse from dogs
  • You are able to analyse the date using the intuitive app or web dashboard.
  • Video camera allows you to physically see how your dog is interacting with the PupPod.
  • Planned add-ons ensure the PupPod keeps evolving so that you or your dog will not become bored of it


  • This dog entertainment system doesn’t come cheap!
  • It would not be suitable for multi-dog households with dogs that fight over food.

Links for PupPod: Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

So, what do you think of the PupPod?



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